Of the many TechCrunch style blogs that cover the startup scene in Brazil, there are two clear references:

1) Startupi / @startupi – edited by Diego Resmus.  This was the first blog to gain traction as a startup blog, funded by Michael Niklas, and is now hosted at IG.  Diego interviews newly founded companies and documents the best tech events in Brazil.  This blog is definitely one to read regularly.

2) Webholic / @webholickers  - edited by Diogo Bedran and Diego Gomes.  This is a reincarnation of ReadWriteWeb in Brazil.  Originally a translation of the American version, WebHolic has transformed itself into a local band with a large following.

Clearly to write a successful blog in Brazil your first name must start with the letter D.  For links to other blogs with less fortunate first names, see Sana Inside’s blog post here.

Aside from the tech blog, I recommend signing up to Startup Digest’s monthly Brazil newsletter.  Pierre Schurmann, Brazil’s editor, does a great job of mentioning the top event in the startup world.