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Top 20 tech startups in Brazil

Brazil is quickly becoming a hub for technology startups in Latin America.  Aside from the technology blogs in Brazil, the best resource is the Brazilian Startup Dealbook, a shared spreadsheet of all the startup investment activity in Brazil. The following charts are based on data from this spreadsheet and they should give you a crash course in the big-name startups in Brazil that have recently raised money or been acquired. Top 15 investments since 2009 (by …

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Top 5 tips to close a deal with a Brazilian company

As a foreigner, it’s relatively easy to get a foot in the door as Brazilians are curious and friendly. However, closing a deal is difficult and it requires a different approach compared with the US or Northern Europe. 1) Get introduced.  Getting introduced to the decision maker from someone they know and trust is very important.  Brazil is highly social and connections count double.  In case, you have no mutual contacts, try using LinkedIn and …

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How to deal with bad customer service in Brazil

Customer service in Brazil does not compare well the US.  It might possibly be better than some part of France, but you get the point. When it comes to call centers, Brazil might have the worst in the world.  I have only had bad experiences with call centers in Brazil. I found out recently from someone working at Oi that their IT system automatically cuts the call after a certain length of time to preserve …

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