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Top 4 misconceptions about Brazil

I recently went to a school reunion in the UK and I was surprised at the reactions I got when I told my former school-mates that I lived in Brazil.  Even in 2012, the most common misconceptions about Brazil are decades old.  In an effort to debunk the most common of misconceptions about living in Brazil: 1) Language: People don’t speak Spanish, they speak portuguese. 2) Capital city: The capital is Brazilia (not Rio de …

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5 things to pack for a trip to Rio de Janeiro

A friend came to visit me recently in Rio de Janeiro and we spend some time discussing what she should bring.  Coming to Rio you can travel really light but here are some items you shouldn’t forget: 1) Beach stuff.  Don’t bother bringing anything warm for the evening because the evening are hot too. 2) Sunscreen.  For some reason its crazy expensive here for some unknown reason. 3) A good book.  It’s hard to find …

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