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The pros and cons of living in Brazil

Brazil is attracting world-class talent with promise of opportunity and lifestyle.  I came to Brazil in 2008 to create a web startup and I can tell you these promises exist.  I have had a great time and I recommend it as a great life experience.  That said, living in Brazil is not a walk in the park.  Like everything else, life in Brazil has its pros and cons. To give you a better idea of …

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New economy or old economy in Brazil

Global demand on natural resources is increasing quickly and we will need to generate three times the food and energy we currently produce to support the world’s population as it increases and grows wealthier. Brazil is extremely well positioned to take advantage of this. It has strong commodity industries (minerals, crops like soy etc.), huge arable land availability, lots of water and plenty of people. There are over 150k students studying agriculture and its universities …

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