Brazil Hacks’ mission is to spark conversation and increase transparency to stimulate a vibrant startup community in Brazil.

The content for Brazil Hacks started off as a way to share some of the lessons learned from entrepreneurial life in Rio de Janeiro and Brazil in general.  Whilst there is plenty of information about startups in Brazil, there is a gap in the market for information FOR startups in Brazil.  It can be a confusing and frustrating experience trying to get the information.

There are many accelerators, angel investors and VCs that have a vested interest in stimulating the startup community.  However, the biggest barrier to launching new startups in Brazil is not even the tough environment that startups face.  It is the lack of information and channels for information about starting up in Brazil.

Thanks for reading and I hope that the information helps to de-codify the maze of doing business in Brazil.

About the editor

David Bailey is an entrepreneur living, working and starting companies in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil since 2008.  Previously working as a management consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton (now Booz & Co.) and at TechnoServe, a global NGO, David moved to Brazil to start a web startup in the area of education technology.  Since 2008, David has worked with several startups and accelerators in Brazil and is mentor to a number of local startups.